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06 July 2017

Throwback Thursday

And you wondered why I complained...
Santa Ana, California
4 June 2015

If you were reading here for any part of the four years that I carted the daughter to and from high school, you are familiar with my delightful drive home every afternoon and my endless bitching about it.

Kids on bikes, kids on skateboards, kids texting, drunk people driving, drunk people walking in the middle of the street, impatient people on their horns and on their phones, car accidents, lost people on jury duty, people running across the street without looking to join their friends at the food truck, news crews at the court house, angry people at Probation and Child Protective Services, serial killers. It was a non-stop grab bag of fun.

By the daughter's senior year, I had a GoPro mounted to my windshield just in case. The photo above is a grab from the video from the daughter's second to last day of high school. I mean second to last day EVER. I'd just pulled away from the curb when three cars from various agencies pulled around the corner and officers swarmed the street to take down a guy on the sidewalk. The woman he'd assaulted was nearby yelling. Complete chaos. And something that had never happened to us before on the drive!

In the end, it was fine except maybe for Mr. Problem who wound up cuffed in one of the police cars.

I made my way around the mess and drove us home.

Tech stuff: Taken with my GoPro. For the first five or six years that I lived in California, I lived in an incredibly rough part of Los Angeles, so I developed something of a combat mentality toward this sort of thing. I never felt particularly unsafe in Santa Ana--I'm really good at taking care of myself--but I was absolutely terrified of harming some damn hapless person who wasn't paying attention. That the fault wouldn't have been mine didn't signify.
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