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09 July 2017

They come out at night

Somewhere around Tucson Mountain Park
Tucson, Arizona
27 March 2005

Somehow, I got engrossed in a trip down memory lane (as one does) while reading the newspaper tonight. First it was houses in Georgetown, next apartments in Dupont Circle and then suddenly, I was flipping through then-and-now photos of Tucson. While I was feeling mild regret for all the places that I saw as a kid and never visited--and are now gone--out of nowhere popped a story about mesquite bugs.

And I thought, "Mesquite bugs. Ha! Nothing! Nothing compared to Derobrachus geminatus!"

(No, I didn't think that. I thought, "PALO VERDE BUGS!")

We had several palo verde trees in the yard, and every summer, like clockwork, with the monsoons, we'd have palo verde bugs flying around. They would generally show up by either the front or back door at night, apparently attracted by the outside light. You couldn't miss them. These puppies were 5-6 inches long and they looked like cockroaches.

Absorb that one. A six-inch long flying cockroach that comes zooming out of the night...and into your hair.

They were harmless. Hideous, but harmless. But put yourself in my position. In those days, I had waist-length hair. Lots and lots of fine, waist-length hair.

And a six-inch long flying cockroach flailing around trying to disentangle itself from all that hair.


But the time one flew down my shirt may have been worse, though I'm not sure who was more scarred: me, the bug, or the people watching while I practically undressed to get rid of it.

Good times!

Tech stuff: Taken with a Canon PowerShot S110. There was more, mostly about how you really can't go home again, especially when you fought so hard to get out of Dodge in the first place. But I miss the landmarks of my own history that have long since disappeared.
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