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26 February 2017

The new thing

26 February 2017
He continues to do well on steroids, though the tumor continues to grow. You can see it in this photo, in the patch of white fur just below the black at his hip. Part of me wants to have the vet just pop it out, but the voice of reason reminds me that it's only been two months since the last one came out. I know there are at least two in there. He will be 16 Wednesday. VoR says more surgery is rather unfair.
He seems happy. Less aggressively kitten than a couple of months ago, but still tending toward risk-taking kitten. A kitten who gives no fucks about anything that previously frightened him. I think it's the steroids. When I've been on a dose pack for the spinal nerve damage, I've been the same way. Weirdly fearless. Though while I lose my appetite, he's eating anything not nailed down.
The weather seems to irk him. It's been raining a good deal, so it's been cloudy a lot and today, the high is in the 50s. He's a heat-seeking feline, and prefers to have many patches of sunshine from which to choose. Those have been in short supply. But when it's been sunny, he's been galloping around quite happily.
But he's developed a new thing: he parks himself on my desk chair, a place he formerly shunned. We're not sure why he suddenly loves that chair, but if I put a dining room chair by my desk, he will sleep there and let me have my desk chair. Mostly he seems to want to be on me or next to me.
Some months back, I'd commented to the daughter that I'd always expected that Milton would outlive Olivier, and recently discovered that instead they will probably be racing each other to the finish line. His owner told me that Olivier has stopped eating and is refusing to go outdoors, both extremely anomalous behaviours. Olivier was successfully treated for cancer some years back, but his may have returned also.
It just breaks my heart.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.
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