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26 January 2017

Drought? What drought?

To end the weekend's rain: Hail!
23 January 2017
I went out this morning to do a bit of clean up, post storm. Or more accurately, post three storms. We were hit by a line up starting last Thursday.

I am not complaining. Too much.

I emptied out a garbage can that probably had 5 inches of water in it. It wasn't uncovered until Sunday afternoon, so that would give you an idea of how much water came out of the sky.

My garage flooded despite my standing out in the cold and wet putting plastic up to keep water from advancing under the wall. The drains were overwhelmed. There was so much water pouring down the street that you couldn't even see the drain outlet in the curb. The inside of the house smelled of mud and water because of the damp under the raised foundation.

According to the stats I saw in the paper this morning, DTLA has gotten 14 inches of rain since the beginning of the season. That is almost an entire season's worth of precipitation, and it's only January.

We need the water. But it would be good for things to dry out a little before the next storm (next week).

Last Friday, watching the water whip around the street, I caught sight of a crow in the neighbor's driveway, having the bath of a lifetime. And I realized that for this crow, it was the bath of a lifetime. It had probably never seen that much rain, ever.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Milton update: In a word, sardines! Why die when there are sardines? Seriously, he's doing fine. And no, the friendly water agencies assure us the drought is not over. Even this much water isn't enough to make up for lost time!
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