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19 December 2016

Last chance final hours don't miss out

From a freeway bridge
Orange County, California
21 November 2016

The holiday emails are sounding desperate this year. Stores are sending me messages 3 or 4 times a day...Last chance! Final hours! Don't miss out!

Somewhere, somehow, I am going to find something funny in this damn year.

Time is running out!


Early last month, D. texted me to tell me she'd gone to the screening of Time Stand Still, a little documentary about that band we followed around a quarter of the globe. I had some perfectly good reason for not going to the screening that I don't actually remember, but it probably revolved around one of the multiple productions filming here or the spouse being out of town for two weeks or something.

Anyway, the daughter and I didn't see it until today, and it brought back all the happy and a good deal of the sad, but the part that had us shrieking was the footage they showed from the Rock Hall of Fame Induction. Because we were there, part of the screaming throng that answered Jann Wenner's "...and from Toronto..." It was very cool to hear it after having been a part of it. So cool, in fact, that we had to rewind and replay it several times.


Anyway, I've done a pretty good job of not going to the shows that are being filmed (to the bewilderment of many, but reasons), so it was sort of odd seeing the bits of the Forum show, knowing that D. and the daughter and I were in the audience. And the daughter recalled the sobbing men who high-fived us and hugged us after "Xanadu." I remembered discovering how hard I was crying during "Losing It" without ever realizing until it was over. And watching the fastest 3 hours fly before my eyes.

For years, I've dreamed about waiting in front of an empty stage, waiting and anticipating, but always waking before the show begins. And now the dream is so poignant, and I wake with a real sense of loss.

I said it elsewhere here, but it was true: in 2002, a lot of us realized we'd been given a gift. I intended not to squander it, and I don't believe I did. This year, as never before, I've seen the signs everywhere. Life is short. Don't waste it. Enjoy every sandwich.

Last chance. Final hours.

Don't miss out.

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