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24 December 2016

A place in the sun

Sore and sleepy
24 December 2016
Not one tumor, but three. Encapsulated rather than encroaching. Possibly benign, possibly a different cancer provoked by an immune system run amok.
He and I had the "Cat Camping Adventure" in the family room last night. I slept on the floor; he slept under the table, until it was time for a 3 am snack.
He is running and jumping. The new incision is about a third of the last one, but stapled up nonetheless. The vet called a bit ago to inquire after his welfare and laughed when I told him that a hopped up on morphine Milton ran out of his carrier when I got him home. So no worries about hitting any nerves. Still barely a hitch in his giddy up.
Waiting on biopsy results.
Merry effing Christmas.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. I dislike Christmas for a lot reasons, not least of which is that it always tends to be freighted with emotional baggage that has nothing to do with the holiday itself, but is exacerbated by its proximity to the season.
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