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15 November 2016

Super moon in tiny aspect

Downtown Disney
Anaheim, California
13 November 2016
We were already committed to dinner out with some friends so I wasn't going to be lugging a camera around. But that is the moon by the building's upper corner, not some random light.
It's been a long, exhausting few weeks. I had film crews in and out in rapid rotation, and constant requests from other crews to use the house as a location. One last minute group came in four hours late, and I had to literally sit on the set, chivvying them along because I had another crew loading in at 7:30 the next morning.
It was ridiculous. It will not be happening again.
(I kind of wonder if anyone will notice at the screenings that the house shows up over and over. Of course, given the massive set dressing--my living room became an office at the absolute last minute--probably not.)
I haven't slept well since the election. I know this isn't particularly uncommon, but it's certainly aggravating. I wrote an absolute diatribe the day of (something of the Letter Never Sent variety. I needed to write it, but I'm not sure there is any need to share it.) because like everyone, I have opinions.
But rather than continue to air my grievances--and I have been pretty public about where I cast the blame--I'm trying to focus on positive action. Like others, I am donating money to causes that matter, and though I always do, it's taking on a particular gravitas, and I'm just trying not to explode. In some ways, that might be the most positive action I can take.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.
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