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10 October 2016

Bad as he wants to be

Because I'm bad, I'm bad
10 October 2016

He is standing in my kitchen window. You can see his shaved hind end. You can sort of see his scar (I have real pictures, sutures and all, but it's sad. And not pretty). But the real story is that less than two weeks after having a large chunk of muscle removed, he is jumping onto 3-ft. high counters and clambering around on my bed (he slept on me last night), eating everything he can get into his mouth, playing with his catnip pillows and generally behaving like anything but a 15-1/2 year old cat recovering from cancer surgery.

This is Milton.

Maybe it will last. I am resistant to hope, but I am enjoying my furry little boy for the time we have now. It's what I did with Mitzi, enjoyed the moment, spoiled her rotten and just made the most of her last 6 months.

It's weird to think about: the spouse and I have been together for nearly 30 years, married for almost 28, and for 26 of those years, we've had animals around. A continuous round of cats, dog and many different fish. Really, there has been a continuous round of animals in my life since I was in kindergarten. I think about taking on another animal after Milton goes, and I wonder if I will. I love animals, but a healthy animal has a life expectancy of about 15 years, and I'm not even sure that I have 15 years at this point.

So, I'm taking it a moment at a time.

Nothing else for it.

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