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11 September 2016

Double negative (and a positive)

Fifteen years have passed and there are truths that are self-evident:

I will never not see that second plane going into the tower.

I will never not see the towers falling behind the man who was being interviewed on camera.

I will never not read the reports about how the towers fell, making my edit marks and trying not to comprehend what I was reading.

I will never not trace my finger around the photos of the blast radius, understanding the facts but not the rationale for what happened.

I will never not think "blast radius."

I will never not scream the words I screamed that morning, a scream of primal rage and fear and anguish. I will never not know what I knew at that instant. I will never not be right about it.

I will always believe that we as a world can be better than we are and I will face every morning as that better person. I won't always succeed in being her, but I will never not work at it.

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