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25 September 2016

A rough week

Sunny Jim Cave
La Jolla, California
25 August 2016
We were really too busy this summer to do much traveling, but we did take a quick trip down to La Jolla and San Diego. I promised the daughter we'd visit the cave and so we did.
So heartbreaking to learn of the death of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez when I woke this morning. Another promising young light extinguished too soon.
On a brighter note, the first episode of Fox's new baseball series Pitch was really well done. And I need something to fill the void now that Mr. Robot is finished for the year.
And finally, Milton does in fact have a cancerous tumor in his hip. The doctor says it's in the skin, so it may be that removing it will be the cure. But of course, there must be bloodwork and x-rays first. I already put the kibosh on chemo. Milton is nearing 16, and any treatment needs to be useful without diminishing what time he has left. And yes, my rational tone is not indicative of just how much this hurts. It doesn't matter that he's at the far end of average life expectancy. He is still my youngest baby.
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