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03 August 2016


San Antonio, Texas
31 July 2016
I can't even imagine calling a mall "Wonderland."
I read somewhere, sometime ago that the era of the mall was basically over, and this is a good example. Like so many strange, largely empty spaces you see these days, this was an amalgam of low-end department stores and entertainment venues like Inflatable Wonderland (we had to go check it out with a food court. The reason we were here was to visit the movie theater, which was actually pretty nice with few chairs, wide rows and wait staff. And it's an art house theater!
As an aside: Captain Fantastic for the win. What a great movie. I'm so amused that people are calling it anti-Christian given the anti-Christian sentiments are illustrative of the main character's rigidity and personal failings. It's a movie about finding balance while seeking your higher good.
And while I'm at it, if you haven't seen Stranger Things, it's well worth watching. We binge watched it at D.'s, which was a blast.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.
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