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07 August 2016

August ritual

There's the beef
7 August 2016
For the last five years, I've been buying my beef exclusively from Star Brand Beef. Shreve raises her cows humanely and respectfully. They are grass fed and organic. You can read all about it on her site. Having the opportunity to purchase a year's worth of beef from her has made my life so much easier; when the spouse wants a steak, I don't have to worry about sourcing organic beef. I just go to the freezer.
So it happens that every August, we drive out to meet her truck and pick up our boxes. It's always a kind of festive day because many of the same people show up every year. We are devoted. There are hugs and a few moments to chat. Then it's away with the boxes and off to restock the freezer.
There is something slightly magical about subverting the system. A woman with a blog and a dream started raising beef and she sells it to other women (mostly) who have a similar dream--healthy food from happy animals to feed their families.
Tomorrow, I will take about 20 lbs worth of soup bones and make gallons of broth that will also be stored away for future use. Yeah, it's work. Yeah, it takes some effort. But to me, this is the definition of clean eating.
(And yeah, that includes all the salad I eat, which is not insignificant.)
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