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19 July 2016

Under a white hot sky

The trail
Orange County, California
19 July 2016
Most Tuesday mornings at the (literal) crack of dawn, a friend and I go for a walk. She needs coffee first, so we walk to the coffee shop and then we take our coffees and start walking.
I tend not to like sharing my walking time with other people because I use it as me time and thinking time and music time. But I enjoy walking with this friend, and I've become more generous (I use the word advisedly because I'm quite aware that I am very ungenerous with time I perceive as mine) with taking others (including the daughter and the spouse) with me. It's partly enlightened self-interest (broken) and partly fun and partly good for them too.
My friend wasn't available this morning, but I am schedule-oriented and also I need this exercise. There is so little that I can do any more (and I'm not supposed to walk...or bike...sigh. But do the doctors tell me "don't go grocery shopping??" Hell, no.) that I do what I can.
(No, seriously, grocery shopping causes more damage than just about anything else. It isn't just that I dislike it. I have to tell people not to over pack bags. They seem to miss the fact that I can't use my right arm to lift things. If you missed all that...go back a few months. And yeah, inquiring minds, I AM supposed to go to another ortho...with whom I've yet to communicate.)
So, I overslept a bit this morning and the daughter, who needed to go to work, overslept a lot, and as a result, I got out the door about 2 hours later than KG and I take off. And it was freaking hot, even though it was still only 9 am.
I push harder when there aren't other people with me (another reason that having people with me is a good idea, because alone I'm all "let's do a marathon!" Yeah, that.), and it amuses me that my mile time is 4 minutes faster alone (even broken! and people are always telling me I walk too fast when I'm with them) and that I walk at least a mile further when I'm alone.
Of course, as I have to remind myself, it's great to walk as far as you can, but then you have to get home. One day, I'd pushed myself so hard, I started to think about calling the daughter to hop in the car and come get me. I did get home under my own steam, but it was scary that it had occurred to me as a possibility.
Anyway, it was hot today.
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