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07 July 2016

If it's the 7th, it must be Norway

Vigeland Sculpture Park
Oslo, Norway
7 July 2006

Yes, oddly, we were in Oslo 10 years ago today.

And today, I was deconstructing an old computer, and inside found a sticker that noted the component was built in July 2006.

And last night, dreamed things that fit into my life 10 years ago.

I'm in the process of tearing down multiple old computers. We are terrible about getting rid of things. I have a turntable (yeah, the thing that plays records and yes, it works) that is 30 years old. I remember buying it and feeling so adult as I hauled it home (from Adray's, I think) on the bus.

I found an old game the kids liked on one of the computers and the daughter is cheerfully playing it at the moment, effectively stopping me from doing any more work for tonight.

Which is good because I'm so tired, my eyes are slipping closed even as I write.

Tech stuff: Taken with a Canon PowerShot S110. I tried a high key effect on this--it was such a horribly hazy day--but I'm not sure I'm pleased with the results.
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