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11 July 2016

Hey, Sunshine!

Train station
Santa Ana, California
18 October 2014

I was snickering quietly to myself when the daughter walked into the room.

"What did you do now?" she asked, resigned.

I feigned offense. "What makes you think I did anything? Because I was laughing?"

"It was the way you were laughing."

I showed her what I'd done. She nodded sagely.

"Alright, I finished our badge photos. Come look," she said, pulling me away from my keyboard by the arm.

Worth mentioning, I suppose, that 10 minutes earlier she had to tell me there was someone at the door because I had the music turned up so loud I couldn't hear the doorbell.

And I was singing at the top of my lungs.

It's so awesome to turn the tables.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. Yeah, probably time to get back into pun and all that.
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