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03 July 2016


Yellowstone National Park
18 August 2003

Yellowstone was the U.S.'s first national park, created in 1872. The National Park Service is celebrating its centennial this year, and I would encourage everyone--citizens, visitors--to make a point of visiting a place under the governance of NPS. Everyone knows the big ones: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and so on, but there are lots of smaller ones all over, like the C&O Canal as well as The Old Stone House in D.C. There are sites and monuments and trails and memorials and parks. Something for history buffs, something for nature lovers, something for pretty much everyone.

This photo was taken on one of our family road trips when the kids were pretty young (9 & 6 to be precise). We did a lot of road trips when they were wee because it was easier than packing them on a plane, and we could set our own itinerary, stop where we wanted, pick up supplies at grocery stores and just generally do our own thing. So the kids saw a lot of places like Yellowstone and Devil's Tower and Dinosaur National Monument. We still talk about those trips.

So pack up the car, pack a picnic, and go visit someplace you haven't seen before. Discover something wonderful.

Tech stuff: Taken with a Canon PowerShot S110.
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