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06 May 2016

Gentlemen on horseback

Williamsburg, Virginia
25 March 2016

These two were lovely, riding up and down Duke of Gloucester street, tipping their hats, waving, stopping to chat with passersby. It's this sort of interaction that's made me love Williamsburg since I was a girl.

I have Ludovico Einaudi playing quietly in the background, hoping that the pleasant memory of the afternoon above and the gorgeous music will help to quiet my mind.

It's hard to pull my head back to some sense of normalcy after spending the last three months in and out of doctor's offices as well as in and out of scanners. I don't want anyone to touch me, look at me, ask me any questions. They don't listen to the answers anyway. 

[...the whole story was here but it's really not for public consumption...]

Alright. Enough of that.

Listening to the Alice Isn't Dead podcast. Love it.

Daughter and I dig Radiohead's "Burn the Witch" video.

Cheerfully shrieking Elle King's "Last Damn Night" at the top of my lungs. Except when I'm listening to it on the trail. (Yes, back on the trail as often as I can be, which isn't often enough because some days I get up and my legs don't work very well, which tends to freak people out.)

Reading a lot of stuff. David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks for the second time (so much going on in his books that rereading them is indicated). The Welcome to Night Vale novel. A novel about the L.A. riots (having trouble there. I remember those days and the smoke in the air a little too well).

I watched Vinyl, which started out great and turned into one tremendous disappointment. The producers forgot that they needed a story to go along with their coke snorting and actors impersonating younger versions of rock stars. I finally finished watching Sonic Highways, and damn if that Dave Grohl didn't impress me again. The man has an original mind and I like smart people who are passionate about sharing what interests them.

I've managed not to see very many movies. Though I have a list as long as my arm that I'd like to see.

Daughter and I went to a screening of senior theses, which was fun. I wanted to get an idea of what they entail since I expect to be called upon to partially finance hers. But that's a few years down the road.

Hey, for the moment it looks like I will live that long. That's something anyway.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000. I have post-traumatic doctor syndrome right now, and that's not a joke. Unfortunately, it's not ending anytime soon, but at least the next round probably won't start until June.
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