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11 May 2016

Cutting room floor

Orange County, California
31 January 2015

As I'd mentioned, I've been doing Serious. Life. Clean Up.

That includes purging bad photos. I have photos scattered all over the place. Physical ones, digital ones. In boxes. All over my hard drive. Back-up drives. Thumb drives. SD cards. Phone. iPad. Laptop. And I'm a pretty organized person. But I'm always moving stuff around. So, everywhere.

(Worse yet, I've discovered that some days, I'm an okay photographer. So I've decided to gather up the digital stuff that is frameable and send it off to the lab. Because I need another project. Hey, the plumber has been. That's two things down.)

Anyway, I came across some production stills I'd taken back when the senior project was filming. This place. We secured the permit, did the work...and just about 100% never made it into the final product.

That is how the film business works.

Come to think of it, a considerable bit of my life has ended up in the same place, but it's amazing how stuff you think you'll never use (YES, I did end up using trigonometry in my adult life. Who knew?) comes back around to be useful.

Like those years with Big Entertainment Company.

Who knew?

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. I am having a post-migraine day where I sort of sit around looking stunned like a bird that just flew into a window.
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