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24 May 2016

All the things

Dumbarton Oaks Museum
Washington, D.C.
22 May 2016
No, I don't remember, though there is something innately cheerful about her. I don't think she was intended to be cheerful but there you go.
And I'm ill with the crud that I picked up from all the lovely youth without whom et cetera... Fever and headache make me forgetful. So does old age.
So, the youths.
As you might have gathered from the timing and location, the son graduated university on Saturday. As his roommate's parents and I agreed, where did that four years go? And wasn't I just moving him in to the dorm?
(I went a day early to set to moving him out. Because I frequently run operations with military precision, I had the pack, ship, donate and toss piles going in no time, and within a few sweaty hours, we had filled one of two suitcases, packed the box for shipping, taken items to the move-out drive and thrown what need to be thrown. The son was amazed. I also wasn't ill yet.)
The spouse and daughter arrived late the following day (the daughter having just finished her first year of college; where did that year go, etc.), and I had the suite I'd rented (with FULL kitchen) stocked with the various necessities to get us through the next several days.
And yes, there was foreign royalty (seriously, would I make that up?), and I might have said something about eating certain people for breakfast, the son's girlfriend definitely announced that she wanted to be me when she grew up, and I told her that she could have the job.
(Why anyone would want the stress of being me is beyond me, but there you go.)
Anyway, in between packing and pomp and circumstance and actually SHUSHING the people behind me during the ceremony (you may attend an elite university, kid, but your manners indicate you were born in a barn), we did some other things (got wet [it's been raining in Washington for something like three weeks], visited Crumbs and Whiskers again [there's a story about that I may write up later], ate at a lot of hyped restaurants [more hype than quality, natch], saw things and played Cards Against Humanity [because we are horrible people]).
I also said a lot of things, which mostly ended up as titles for the last week's posts. And yeah, had a birthday Sunday, which did, in fact, involve beignets again, though not a concert.
It's a lot easier to travel for a concert. The post travel cold is easier to bear as well.
But there you go.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. It's worth noting that I am editing the stuff I posted last week as I go. When I'm on the road, I often post directly from my phone, so I haven't got the ability to include text. Yeah, there was stuff that needs explanation. No, you probably won't get any.
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