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21 March 2016

IDK Not Trump Tho

Verizon Center
Washington, D.C.
21 March 2016
So. We were walking from the American Museum of Natural History to the National Portrait Gallery, and a motorcade goes whizzing by. In D.C., this isn't actually news, and I'm as blasé about motorcades as I am about celebrities in L.A. I mean, really. Whatever.
I'm not entirely sure that he would rate a motorcade, but it seemed fairly odd that shortly afterward, there was shouting and more sirens, and we peered out of the 2nd floor windows of the Portrait Gallery to see, well, this.
And let's face it. In D.C., protesters aren't actually news. It was the second protest we'd run into in as many days.
We blithely waltzed out on to 7th to get transportation back to the hotel, and there was this. Which was two separate groups yelling at each other, while apparently also protesting Trump (though one group might have been supporters? It was anyone's guess at that point. Just a lot of yelling. The D.C. police seemed as confused as we were.)

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.
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