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01 March 2016


14 August 2001

He came to me a half-kitten, half-starved, half-wild. The vet believed he was about 5 months old, so backing up the date, we decided his birthday was March 1.

It was the same date that we always celebrated his predecessor Doodle's birthday. She also came to me a half-kitten, a feral baby who was fine with people and who didn't like cold.

So he is 15 today. That's an age for a small cat.

He still likes catnip. He still revels in being chased. I still throw him (gently) over my shoulder and kiss his belly while he half-heartedly caterwauls. He mopes if I don't wrestle with him.

He dislikes the down comforter, but will still sleep with me when it's on the bed if the night is cold enough.

He is very well versed in the hours of his meals.

He will still pull all of his toys out of their storage area and leave them scattered about. He chitters at birds and screams blue murder at Olivier, who is the same age and a bit worse for wear but who will nonetheless occasionally saunter across the back porch.

Some weekend mornings, he decides I've slept long enough, and will stand on me and complain loudly until I wake up. This particularly happens on donut Sundays.

He likes donuts.

I cuddle him when he allows it, and I test and memorize the weight of him in my arms. I know he won't always be here. I murmur in his ear and brush him while he still is. He blinks at me and purrs deeply. He is sparing with his kisses (he's a guy), but a couple of nights ago, I stroked his side, and he licked the inside of my wrist. Twice.

He's been known to run the Catbox 500 after a particularly satisfying visit.

He sleeps a good deal these days, but he still chases whatever gets into the house: small lizards, the occasional earwig, the more frequent spiders. He still gets the odd wild hair and takes a flying leap sideways off a wall or the back of the sofa.

I try not to fear the inevitable. I check his breathing.

I never resist the temptation to mess with his ears.

Tech stuff: Probably taken with a Canon Powershot S110.
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