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28 March 2016

A crumb and a whisker

Ginger and Canary
Washington, D.C.
22 March 2016
I remember when cat cafes became a thing in Japan (I used to have to research that kind of stuff), and I loved the idea. Because why wouldn't I want to spend time in a café filled with cats?
So, I when I learned about Crumbs and Whiskers in D.C., I decided that I would have to visit. Because why wouldn't I want to spend time in a café filled with cats?  Anyway, last November I made a reservation and bundled the son off to C&W. It was such fun that I had to take the daughter last week.
The truly awesome thing about Crumbs and Whiskers (other than, you know, cats) is that all the kitties are rescues up for adoption. As of last week, 80 cats had been placed. The pretty girl in the picture above is kitten Ginger, who is a doll, and Canary is sitting in the window watching the pigeons outside. Ginger would have laid in the sun and let me rub her belly all day if three other cats hadn't shown up to request some attention. Canary also graciously requested love and accepted ear scratching and chin rubs. I would have adopted Ginger on the spot if it weren't for the fact that Milton would eat her the minute she walked in the door (she is tiny. And did I mention sweet? But Milton likes a one cat household, and at 15, I'm not going to ask him to change his mind on that).
Despite the D.C. Health Department, you can order a coffee or tea while you play with kitties (another establishment caters the food), but playing with the kitties is the main attraction. So we shared the sun, and gave scritches and got cat kisses (thanks, Nutella).
Pretty awesome.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Crumbs and Whiskers' site is here. Make a reservation! The place fills up fast.
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