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27 February 2016

The mundane

USS Iowa
4 January 2014
San Pedro, California

I am--really!--trying to get back to the business of writing. The problem is that I seem to have forgotten how to write about my boring life. Yes, I can tell you about trimming the giant climbing rose bush (I did), and you will say, "Um, don't you have a dislocated clavicle or something?"

(I do. Or something. And I'm supposed to see an orthopedic surgeon. Of course.)

And I will say, "Yes. But I climbed a ladder and trimmed a rose anyway."

Because, me.

And yes, it hurt like hell, thankyouverymuch.

See? Boring. See also? Got tired of life in the slow lane.

See? Me.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4. No, I don't mean the photo is mundane or boring. I chose a photo tonight by closing my eyes and using something from the folder on which the cursor landed.
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