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10 February 2016

Shapes of things

Death Valley National Park, California
24 November 2015

So, there was this trip. And there was some going off road (all approved) in a properly outfitted 4WD. And there had been a really bad storm the month before, so the roads were shit.

I spent the worst of the off roading hanging on to straps and whatnot, trying to brace my body so that my utterly destroyed lower spine would not be taking the worst of the bouncing. Which was great. Except that it looks like I tore something in my shoulder. Or my chest wall. Or both! Because my body is crap and is trying to kill me. (No, I mean literally, not figuratively or metaphorically. My corporeal self is really trying to self-destruct).

Anyway, it's messing with my ability to work on the computer. I can't sit at the computer long without agonizing bolts of pain shooting from my shoulder into my head. Even the inside of my ear hurts.

(Full disclosure: I've also written about 17 pages worth of posts regarding why Hillary Clinton and her band of rabid out-of-date feminazis need to take a long hike...and never return. All that rage doesn't do me much good, either. And no, you don't get to read any of it.)

Anyway, trying to return my shoulder to normalcy (which involves lots of arm waving).

And my mood (which apparently also involves a lot of arm waving).

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. On the positive side, there is story creation taking place that we hope will lead to filming this summer.
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