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20 February 2016

Long shadows

Newport Beach, California
31 December 2015

I saw someone declare the other day that Facebook killed blogging and I'd imagine there is some truth to that. For the most part, I refuse to use Facebook. Ergo, still blogging.

Some days, anyway.

(Do you realize I've been doing this for almost 10 years? Yeah, neither had I.)

As usual, the longer I stay away, the easier it becomes to keep away. And yet, I still see this as my own safe little corner of the Internet where I can ramble away at will.

Seriously, why are you here?


Today is the daughter's natal day, and she asked for lunch at the beach. Why, yes, it is February, but it is also California. So we took her to the restaurant of her choosing down in Laguna, a place that was on the beach itself, and I had a salad (natch) and she had fish and the spouse had a burger, and it cost $100.

See also, California.

But we sat outdoors, and she watched the waves, and she was happy. That's enough.

Then we came home and I baked her a cake, and made a large bowl of fluffy vegan chocolate "buttercream" frosting (we have learned that neither she nor the spouse can have dairy of any sort any longer, so I have to get very creative with some of their favorites. Some have just been abandoned. Like anything to do with vegan cheese. Talk about an abomination...)

The choco frosting was declared delicious by the daughter who was happily devouring it off one of the beaters while she played a computer game older than she is on an old, old computer that I set back up for her.

(Yup, I have 20-year-old computer games and two computers running original versions of XP. Fifteen-year-old computers, kids...)

I frosted the cake, embellished it with the candles the daughter had chosen, and we sang a rousing version of "Happy Birthday"--falsetto as possible, with lots of cha-cha-chas thrown in for good measure (I think the kids learned that version in primary school, and for whatever reason, it stuck).

Even the cat got a tiny bit of cake to celebrate and ceremoniously (and joyously) cleaned crumbs off his whiskers.

It was a good day.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Day one: no improvement.
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