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19 February 2016

I feel it in my bones

Racetrack Playa
Death Valley National Park, California
23 November 2016

So, yeah. Finally had to go visit the doctor.

And she said, "Uh?"

And she said, "You haven't lifted anything heavy? You haven't been injured?"

(We all decided that the Death Valley trip was too long ago to be the cause.)

And she said, "You didn't notice this?"

(In fact, I hadn't.)

And she said, "Well, we need to x-ray this, and x-ray that. And while we're at it we'll do an x-ray series of this."

And I said, "You are talking to the person who can have a massive disc herniation while brushing her teeth."

I saw her eyes light up then, and she said, "You are one of those joint people..."

And she used words like "rheumatological" and "undiagnosed."

It's very hard to know what to do with a body that is tearing itself apart. And I really can't live like this anymore.

(And Rush isn't even touring this time, dammit. Usually, I at least get the consolation of trying to figure out how to drag the carcass from pillar to post.)

Tech stuff: Taken with my NikonD7000. About the time I finished writing, the doctor had called with the x-ray results: my bones are in good shape. Which means it's soft tissue. As usual. High dose ibuprofen over the weekend and return Monday if no improvement. Sigh.
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