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19 January 2016

Sometimes we accept that the picture is bad

Orange County, California
Five robins on a fountain
13 January 2016

And this is a terrible, terrible photo. But the birds were skittish as hell, and I had to stand as still as I could and just sort of point and shoot.

Here's the thing. We don't see robins around here. I've seen them in So Cal, yes, but not around here. It's like the squirrels that suddenly appeared after 15 years. So I don't know what five were doing there all at the same time. And there were at least six out there.

It may be a function of the drought. We've been adamant about keeping the fountain going, and there are birds (and occasionally, squirrels) on it all the time.

(It has a recirculating pump, so we're in the clear.)




Today was tree trimming day (part 1. Part 2 is tomorrow). If you've read here for any length of time, you know that it is an annual event that makes me crazy. They did the pine today. It's in good health, but there was evidence of damage by the previous trimmers, which I guess is why my gut told me to fire the previous trimmers. What makes me additionally crazy is that I don't stint on care of that tree but I'm not an arborist. So I depend on the people I hire (who are all certified, licensed, insured and have references) to do the job right. And when they don't...

(The arborist pulled down a branch that was a foot in diameter and cracked. It had cracked years ago, based on the condition, and fortunately had never fallen. I wanted to crack someone over the head with it, I was so irate, because there are people who should know better in that tree every winter).


Frankly, this is not what I want to be writing about. My brain exploded (creatively) over the weekend, and where there'd been a drought for ideas, there is now an El Nino. I really want to just sit down and let my fingers do the flying. Not that there's been time yet.

And I dream. So incredibly vividly. Whole stories. Crazy stories. A time travel romance. But deeply, richly detailed.

Everything around me dying, and I am recalled to life.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.
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