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09 December 2015

Life in the valley of death

Hole in the Wall
Death Valley National Park, California
24 November 2015

Even the desert blooms when there is rain, and in mid-October, two flash floods wiped out roads and buildings in Death Valley. By all reports, it wasn't a lot of rain (about an inch, I heard, but have not verified), but it came all at once, and in a place unaccustomed to that kind of moisture, havoc ensues. If you look closely at the photograph, you can see that the rocks are buried in mud that has dried.

And plants have broken through.


"...and rarely, there is a woman who drags a man to the show..."

Which made me smile.

Because, yeah!


Are you getting tired of the asterisks? Because, yeah. But everything is scattered at the moment, not least of all my brain. My house is the set for not one, but two student productions that are filming starting tomorrow, and as the son tends to say: lolno. No really, NO. Except that, yes. I thought that I was done with this stuff, except that everyone figured out that the daughter has access to a house, and she's close to school.

(Where everyone is currently has norovirus, I might add. So really, NO.)

It makes it kind of hard to get that roof and painting done.


I am listening to Carmina Burana, and if you haven't seen this, drop everything and go watch it. It never fails to make me laugh. Usually insanely. As in rolling on the ground, crying. But there's sort of a back story, maybe two.

My father-in-law was a huge fan of opera and classical music, and he got it in his head that he wanted to know the words in English (he really wanted me to translate the Latin, but my Latin is church Latin, and rusty to the point of disintegration). Anyway, knowing I can find pretty much anything, I got the commission. And I did, indeed, find the translation of the poetry. I think it was a bit less risqué than he was hoping, but there it was.

(That makes the video even funnier, frankly).

The video was brought to our attention by one of the daughter's friends who was studying classical voice in high school, and is a terrific contralto. And because I love C., and the video is SO C., it was all the more perfect.


We buried CHS a year ago today, and the story above, while still funny, makes me realize how much I miss him. But there is life in the valley of death, if you know where to look and are willing to do so.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000. I didn't drag him to too many shows. Red Rocks didn't count because he wanted to go, so that leaves...six?

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