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14 December 2015

Getting from here to there

Death Valley National Park, California
22 November 2015

Leadfield was a swindle, a con for investors, and it's hell to get to with washed out roads, but rather fun once we got there (I probably also got whiplash  and I thought about writing a long post about joys of acrophobia, but I'll spare you). We'll just say 4WD and nerves of steel are required, especially if you don't like switchbacks with drop offs.


Production on "Starlight" was starting this time last year, and it was set during the protagonist's semester final exams. Not unexpectedly, the daughter spent the better part of the last 4 days filming a final class project. The house is decorated for the holidays, and I joked with one of the actors (she was a principal in "Starlight") that she only seems to visit me in December.

And we found out last night that "Starlight" is an official selection of the Irvine International Film Festival, laurels and everything. So, yay.

(She went to IIFF last year, too. She'd written the screenplay for an official selection.)


Speaking of film festivals, I received an email today that started by addressing me as "a film creative such as yourself." Which made me frown, and then think, "well, yeah, I guess..."

And then immediately return to "no."

I just do what I do. Which is what I have always done.

Though it was fun.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000.

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