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14 November 2015

What the world should look like

Sixth Street
Austin, Texas
31 October 2015

So here's what happened:

There's a guy in the back, to the left with pink hair. He was drumming. Wildly, happily. I put a couple of dollars in his bucket and he was loudly appreciative.

The sharks, the lobster, the jellyfish (she was awesome), the seahorse (wherever he'd gone) all began to dance in the street to the drummer. Suddenly a group of random people dressed like pandas arrived and joined the seafood buffet in their dance. They laughed and shimmied. The spectators laughed and took pictures. The drummer played on, clearly pleased.

The seafood and the pandas went their separate ways. The spectators dispersed. The drummer played on.

Everyone was happy.

It's really not that hard.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.

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