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06 November 2015

The cryptic airport codes

Last night, American cancelled my 6:45am flight out of Orange County and rebooked me on the 7:30 flight. This meant I'd have a tight connection in Dallas, which made me uneasy.

So I presented myself at the OC airport this morning, did the necessary and got to my gate.

It didn't escape anyone's notice that there was no plane at the gate.

At 7:30, we were told our flight was delayed an hour (as of this writing, it still hasn't left, 3 hours after scheduled deparure). So much for my Dallas connection.

I went to the desk and after running through all the possible permutations thru Dallas (Dulles, BWI, all full), I was rebooked on a flight out of LAX that will get me to my destination 4 hours late but will hopefully get me there.

American did the right thing and gave me a voucher for a cab to LAX.

So I'm now sitting in LAX hoping my flight leaves in 2 hours.

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