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05 November 2015

Last time

Barbara Kruger: Belief+Doubt
Hirshhorn Museum
Washington, D.C.
6 May 2014

I would tend to think that getting on a plane tomorrow is probably not sane since I only got off one Sunday, but the son, who is giddy with the prospect of being fed for free, probably would beg to differ.

(And suit shopping. In the shopping mall. JOY.)

Anyway, it's not like it's the first time I've hopped off a plane only to head off to another destination.

Tomorrow night, I will be safely ensconced in my favorite Canadian chain of very nice hotels in preparation for the weekend's adventures (according to the son: food. Hello, Wisey's and lobster rolls and food trucks), while the spouse, daughter and cat get to relax at home. We are all still reeling from last week's travels. Soon I will be reeling from this week's travels.

No, wait. I already am.

Update: So, completely epic. I am out to dinner with the spouse and the daughter and I get a call: American Airlines cancelling my flight! However, they had also rebooked me on the later flight (I get to sleep an extra hour), and I'll still get into D.C. at the same time.


Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000. Here's the thing: I do believe. But some portion of my brain just continues to doubt. Someday, I'd like the certainty of knowing. Just think. You could put all that to rest!

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