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09 November 2015

Down the garden path

Dumbarton Oaks
Washington, D.C.
8 November 2015
After flying all day (with nary a cancelled or delayed flight! Red letter day!), I am home.  And I'm not getting back on a plane until at least February unless I get an engraved invitation for something very, very interesting.
Just saying.
It rained a good deal Saturday, but yesterday was autumnally gorgeous. I took the son to Dumbarton Oaks (and The Old Stone House the day before), and we wandered through the gardens as the daylight failed.
And I fed him, often. And bought the blessed suit. As well as new dress socks, a new belt and a new tie.
No sooner had I gotten in the door this afternoon, though, than it was time for me to drive the daughter to her evening class.
So it goes.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6, with some random Hipstamatic combo.

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