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02 November 2015


Young Filmmakers Program
Austin, Texas
1 November 2015
The daughter's film was second to last on the program. She grabbed my hand as it started, and we sat there, huddled together, in a theater where only two other people--her father and D.--had any idea who she is.
Through that 9 minutes that we both know so well, we listened to the audience. It's weird to hear people actually get drawn into a story, and the theater fell silent as the film progressed. In the final minute, with the final reveal, we clasped hands more tightly, and there it was: gasps and exclamations as people understood the end.
So freaking awesome.
Several audience members spoke with her and with me afterwards, and told us how much they'd enjoyed the movie. And yes, people cried.
(When someone told me that she'd cried, I almost said, "Oh, I'm so glad!" which would have been totally inappropriate, but I was so glad. I am so glad that story made the connection with people at such an emotional level. Because there is nothing in there to tug at anyone, no Steven Spielberg banner proclaiming "CRY NOW." It's just a very simple but heartfelt story.)
I am so glad that D. was there to see the movie on the big screen, and I am so grateful that the Austin Film Festival thought it worthy of sharing.
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