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10 September 2015

The tie that binds

Caernarfon Castle
Gwynedd, United Kingdom
13 July 2012
As we all know, weird things fascinate me. Like the mortar used to hold castles together. Why would this fascinate me? Often, ancient buildings are rebuilt over time--fire, flood, war, age all take their toll. But places that are left undisturbed have stories to tell: where did the constituent parts come from? Even if there's rebuilding, a story still emerges. This, too, would be why archaeologists love garbage middens. You can construct opuses from a civilization's garbage!
While I'm happy to leave the garbage to other more lofty academicians (I once read a novel where the Black Death reemerged because of people fussing around old corpses), I'll stick to photographing mortar.
If nothing else, that's quite an attractive rock.
Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D40. Last night, I sliced my left index finger open with the bread knife (trying to be kind, I was making the spouse a sandwich) and typing is a beast because of the bandage. Mostly, I can't quite seem to get the "b" and "g" keys. So for now, you get a rock. But Louisiana is yet to come! Let's face it, I could easily drag this out for the rest of the year.

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