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02 September 2015

How to talk to girls at college

Just a kazoo player in a rock and roll cover band
Santa Ana, California
8 June 2012

The daughter, of course, is terrified that she will never have any friends at university.

(This is discounting the fact that the young woman who starred in her senior project is also in the daughter's college, as is someone with whom she spent 4 years in her high school conservatory, as well as several other people with whom she went to high school, including numerous older students. And this also discounts the numerous students she knows from her high school who are in other colleges at this university.)

So here we are first day of school, and the daughter is having lunch with someone she's known for four years, and they commandeer two seats at a table where two young men are already seated.

The daughter is wearing her R40 t-shirt.

One of the young men asks the daughter rather shyly, "So you like Rush?"

"He was expecting me to say it was my father's t-shirt," she told me.

"I hope you said it was more likely to be your mother's t-shirt," I replied severely.

She gave me a look.

So, of course, the daughter responded to the young man with enthusiasm about her favorite band and there was much discussion about albums and songs.

(And it transpired both the other boys were juniors and also in her college.)

Today, she was in class and as class ended another young man asked her, rather shyly, "So are you the girl who was wearing the Rush t-shirt on Monday?"

And she said, "Yes!"

And there was much discussion about albums and songs, and the Irvine show which this young man also had attended, and shock and awe that the daughter had seen three shows this tour.

(And it transpired that this young man was also a junior and also in her college.)

"I didn't tell him that I've been going to shows since I was 7," she said to me.

"But isn't it nice to be known as 'The Girl in the Rush T-shirt?'" I asked.

"Yes!" she said, and then very seriously added, "I hope they'll let me hang with them because they seem pretty cool."

She'll figure it out.

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