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30 September 2015

From behind the steering wheel

Orange, California
3 September 2015

The daughter acquired her driver's license on September 18, as planned. We got her insured, and ready to go. We started looking at cars for her, and test drove different ones all Sunday afternoon. Monday, one of the dealerships acquired a car we wanted to look at. The daughter and I went down and we each drove it, and then the daughter drove it home. That was Monday.

Last night, Tuesday, she dislocated her right patella. Does this sound at all familiar? It should because she did the same thing in November 2012, just as we were planning to start her driver training. Between the injury and subsequent surgery, she was unable to use her right leg for four months.

And here we are again. Wednesday is her long day at school, so today, I was hauling her all over the campus in my car. She is on crutches and in an immobilization brace. I also spent the day dealing with the insurance, and the orthopedist who is seeing her on Friday.

I will be driving her to school for at least six more weeks.

I know. I know. It's just a knee.

Did I also mention I got called for jury duty?

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Yes, we're still going to Austin.

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