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15 August 2015


Cabin Fire from the train
14 August 2015

It was a mere 500 acres or so when I took the photo, but has escalated to nearly 3000, last I heard.

Our high today is supposed to be 97F--and that's with an ocean breeze. Further inland, it's expected to be 105. I am carefully nursing the air conditioning along.

(It's an old unit that broke in a heatwave last year. I want to replace it but if we're taking the roof off and replacing the insulation, I might as well also have the whole system overhauled, replace the ductwork and and and and...story of my life.)

After spending years of my childhood in Arizona, I'm not unaccustomed to scorching temperatures. It's the threat of fires that is frightening with all the dead and dying vegetation around. Bears coming down from the mountains (not just the swimming bear! Up the road where the fire is located, one broke into an occupied house Thursday night and helped itself to some tortillas and bread). We've seen an influx of squirrels in the last year, and we'd NEVER had squirrels down here. With their friends, opossum and raccoon, they bring fleas. And fleas bring plague.

So now, I have to have the yard sprayed for fleas.

I guess that everyone has grown accustomed to the idea of drought, so now the media is threatening us with a monster El Nino starting next month. They even named it Godzilla.

(WHAT is with the obsession with naming everything?)

Roof needs to be done now. We need to have the in-laws' roof inspected, gutters cleaned, outdoor drains cleaned.




Story of my life.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. You definitely need a sense of humor to live in this place. Oh, what I wouldn't give to get on a plane and see a concert right about now. Somewhere cool.

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