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30 August 2015

Pool party

Backyard party
Orange County, California
30 August 2015

We're in one of the areas that is currently under all sorts of water restrictions, among them, no freshwater fountains. Mine has a recirculating pump (of course!), but even if it didn't, this is one restriction I'd ignore. The birds are clearly suffering this summer, and my fountain has been extremely popular all season long, especially with this last hot spell and the one a couple of weeks ago. Birds that can't bathe aren't healthy birds. Birds that don't have water sources are dead birds. And it's not just birds. Lizards, bees, butterflies, the bloody squirrel, and probably a bunch of creatures I don't want to think about also avail themselves of the water.

El Nino can't show up soon enough.

(Though I welcome the birds. And the lizards, bees and butterflies. Squirrely-o not so much. The other stuff, not so much. Though I don't begrudge them a drink.)


End of summer. Regrets, things that didn't get done. Things that did get done. This was a wonderful article about just that: The Summer That Never Was. Most of my summer went to teaching the daughter to drive. I didn't get back to Iceland or Europe (I will, though). It was college prep, the parent end. But there were concerts (!!!). There was laughter.

Now, there must be household maintenance. And, of course, at least for awhile, taking the daughter to school. Picking up the daughter from school. At least it's a better drive than Santa Ana.

And I've promised myself a trip east in the autumn.

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000 and telephoto.

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