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25 August 2015

Orientation (last time!)

Orange County, California
25 August 2015
Balloons. Water. Bad food. Droning speakers. Excessive heat. Upperclass students acting as cheerleaders. More bad food. Searching for the place to pick up textbooks. Trying not to run over wandering people moving into dorms.
Another university orientation.
The son was determined to move as far from California as possible. The daughter managed to stay as close to home as possible. All of her friends have been moving into dorms. She reorganized her bedroom and moved all her bedroom furniture.
(This was her choice. I told her she could live in a dorm if she wanted to. She declined, determinedly, and enumerated all the reasons that staying home was the best choice: good food, not paying for laundry service, no roommate, a private bathroom, a quiet place to study. Oh, and it was cheaper.)
Just another freshman orientation day.
Last. One. Ever.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6 and a mystery Hipstamatic combination.

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