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31 August 2015


Orange County, California
30 August 2015

I was up early yesterday to see the son off at the airport, so watched the super moon set.

I was up early this morning to drive the daughter to school. Yeah, I know. Actually, she drove, but I'm still legally mandated to be in the passenger seat. She does fine, but the traffic and bicyclists running stop signs were giving me a heart attack. I had to drop her off anyway (that's special!), so I took over a couple of blocks from the university.

It will all shake itself out. She takes her license test in about 3 weeks.

Still, first day of college.

I drove myself home, popped on a ball cap, plugged in my earbuds and went for a walk.

I giggled the whole way.

It feels like years ago. It feels brand new.

I'm learning to walk again (no, no, not metaphorically. For real. Again.)

Doesn't matter. For the moment, it's awesome.

Come hell or full circle
Our arms filled with miracles

Tech stuff: Taken with my Nikon D7000 and telephoto. Go listen to some good music: "Go Places" from the album Challengers by The New Pornographers. Yes, a heart should always go one step too far.

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