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12 August 2015

3:56 pm

Stuck in my car
Somewhere in Los Angeles County, California
12 August 2015
And the 18-year-old Camry turned over 66,000.
Had to go up to check on family today. An hour twenty minutes up, an hour forty minutes back, which is long, but not the worst drive ever (there have been 5-hour round trips, all in the service of what used to be a 35-minute drive). It's about to get very hot here, and we all do our best to make sure that that needs are filled. Went to lunch, went to the grocery for coffee, creamer and Tic Tacs.
Departure time was nearing, and suddenly a sheriff's helicopter was circling the house. Most frequently, this is an indication that there is a fire nearby. With the temperature heading toward the 90s and California in tinderbox condition, it wouldn't have been a surprise. The spouse and son stepped out onto the upper terrace to see what was going on when a voice issued from the helicopter over a loudspeaker, telling them,  "Go inside your house. Go inside your house."
Creepy as can be.
And naturally, that command did nothing to deter me from immediately heading outside. I looked down the hill and could see a sheriff's car sitting in front of a house down below.
But for all the commotion and flying around, we never did determine what was happening, and why we were supposed to "go inside your house."
Once the coast was clear, it was on to the next thing.
Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.

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