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29 July 2015

What you're............................

I am not supposed to climb ladders. I have a heart condition, paralysis, blah, blah, blah. Whatever.

So this morning, I climb to the top of the ladder (with a vacuum cleaner) to clean the Tiffany pendant light over the dining room table.

"What You're Doing" (oh, Irony!) is blasting over the speakers.

While I attack dust bunnies in the lamp, I shimmy and dance to the music.

"MOM!" the daughter shrieks from the kitchen.

I turn off the vacuum cleaner.

"What?" I inquire.

She gestures hugely, no words. Her eyes and arms convey, YOU. LADDER. VACUUM. DANCING. DANCING. WTF?

I shrug and prepare to turn the vacuum back on, foot resuming its movement to the beat of the music.

"STOP IT!" she finally yells.

"All good," I sing out.

(And whisper to myself, "Don't be an idiot. You have places to be the rest of this week...")

Punch line?

Me: 1

Dust bunnies: 0

Ladder: 0

All good.

Update: Perhaps I should mention it was a small ladder and I was actually standing on the very top of it. Dancing.

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