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04 July 2015

Letting go

Mighty Mississippi
Memphis, Tennessee
4 July 2014

We've spent the day hiding from our neighborhood. Fourth of July is Christmas, New Year's and everyone's birthday rolled into one around here, and with the vagaries of the last 18 months, neither the spouse, the daughter nor I could deal with being social in a group setting.

Maybe we'll sneak out and watch the fireworks in half an hour.

And I kept thinking about sitting on a riverboat in Memphis last 4th of July. I couldn't wait for that to be over, but now the daughter and I are a bit nostalgic.


Wednesday night was my final final meeting of the advisory board I've perched (okay, sat) on for the last two years. I graduated, too. I am done. It was a nice (and social) gathering, and there was laughter, and when stuff turned to business, I hugged the director, I hugged my colleague, I hugged my successors and I left.

And the next morning, I woke up, realizing there was a bit of information I'd forgotten to pass on, and I sat down and started writing an email to my successors, wondered if I should copy the director, deleted everyone but my colleague and finally, finally convinced myself that I was done, and deleted the email, and then the draft. It wasn't that important. It's the second time I've stopped myself writing them with some bit of information.

They will do fine.

Without me.


Something funny just now.

I was searching the blog, which I do if I can't remember whether I've already (heaven forbid) posted a certain photo. As I searched, I came across this:

"And now, I'm writing a short story. A short story that is becoming a script as fast as I can write it. And is slated to become a film."

The same film that is being submitted to festivals today.

A world full of maybe, indeed.

Letting go. Moving on.

A world full of possibilities.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone4.

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