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28 July 2015

Have a cookie, EU!

People in the European Union (and everywhere else):

I just got a notification from Google that I am required to talk to you about cookies. No, not the kind you eat, the kind that land on your computer. Apparently, Google is putting a hideous giant banner on my content in the EU to make you opt in. That's fine. Let's talk cookies:

This is a personal blog, as out of vogue as that may be. I write for my own pleasure and for the various people who keep coming back to read it. I haven't, strictly speaking, invited any of you here, though of course, you are welcome if you're nice and not a content thief. So if you're reading, you agree that it's okay this site drops whatever cookies it drops on your computer. If you don't agree, I suggest you go away now.

How I use cookies (other than periodically baking and eating them):

This is a personal blog (see above). I do not solicit ads or allow placement thereof. You should see the emails I send to marketers who try to sell me advertising. It isn't pretty. So, I do NOT use cookies to target advertising. Because there is no advertising.

I do, however, use certain services that collect information on you, the reader, via a cookie. These services include Google Analytics (which is waaaaay too complicated for my purposes) and Statcounter. Site Meter does too, but I haven't used Site Meter in god knows how long, and should go remove its code from the blog (if I can find it). Blogger also theoretically gives me certain info on readers, but it seems so far off base that I ignore it. Anyway, these services tell me certain things about you, the reader, including where you are geographically speaking (to a first approximation), and what you read (more or less). Mostly, I am curious (in an idle, periodically bemused, way) where you are from. I am interested in what gets read most frequently (in an idle, periodically bemused, way).

The information that is collected is non-personally identifiable. While I am puzzled by the VAST number of hits a photo of my Birkenstock sandals has garnered from (apparent) aficionados in the European Union over the last seven or so years, it's not like I could go to Germany and walk into the Internet café where you are mooning over a photo of my (old, decrepit) sandals and catch you in the act. Basically, I know that someone in Berlin looked at the Birkenstock photo last week. Who knew there were Birkenstock fetishists in the world? Certainly not me.

In a nutshell, that is how I use cookies on this site.

Let me also be clear that I am not responsible for any cookies that Google, which owns Blogger, may be putting on your computer. That's between you and Google. Also, if you are accessing this blog through a third-party site other than a feedreader, you are a) subsidizing content theft and b) at the mercy of whatever that site is dumping on your computer which is nothing to do with me.

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