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18 July 2015

A sight not often seen

Angels Stadium
Anaheim, California
18 July 2015

The remnants of a tropical storm wandered up the coast. I looked longingly at the clouds and told the spouse, "If it just rains steadily for an hour."

Oh, it rained all right.

And naturally, we had tickets to the game tonight. The daughter was put out that she hadn't seen any fireworks on July 4, so I'd promised her we'd go to a Saturday game when they do the fireworks show. She invited a friend to go with us tonight, and I was edgy, wondering if the game would be called on account of the thunderstorms. But it wasn't, and despite a couple of downpours, everything went as planned, Angels beating Boston 3-0, complete game shut out to Garrett Richards.

Which was awesome.

One of the best moments, though was watching the grounds crew with the tarp, folding it up, unfolding it, refolding it. I don't think it gets used much around here.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6.

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