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29 May 2015

And a blimp flies through it

Last night
Orange, California
28 May 2015

I stepped off the plane on Saturday and right into the crazy.

(In at least one case, dealing with someone who may well be literally crazy. Not looking forward to one more week of that.)

So last night, another event. On the front lines. Smile firmly pinned place. Pretending I'm fine with talking to masses of strangers. Which I'm not. I don't like that sort of spotlight.

Next week, there will come a moment when I am called forward to accept thanks, but I will have disappeared. Afterwards, there will be a hiss of disapproval--"Where were you?"--and I will evince surprise and offer an explanation, mention a job that needed to be done, preparations that couldn't wait. I will neglect to say that I made good my escape via the service elevator, or a back door that I located in advance. I don't want to be thanked. I want to be finished.

But last night isn't next week, and in the lull, after everyone had been ushered away and tucked into their seats, I sat in the quiet, made notes (serving spoons), watched the sun set, and caught sight of the blimp out the window. It inscribed lazy yet purposeful circles in the twilit sky, red light on its crew cabin visible then invisible.

How like my life.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. This time last week, I was in New Orleans. What wouldn't I give to be in Virginia.

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