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22 March 2015

Oh no, not another night shoot

Orange, California
21 March 2015

A friend and colleague of mine (parent of a friend and colleague of the daughter) allowed us to shoot on her extensive property at night. After a guerrilla filmmaking moment earlier in the day involving a "country" cafe (that unfortunately had a huge "Happy St. Patrick's Day" banner waving in the breeze--the daughter's movie takes place at Christmas), a bit of set dressing turned an outbuilding into the cafe exterior we needed.

Ah, movie magic.

Not that we could do anything about the very loud party nearby or the horses a few yards away who were biting, kicking and stamping at each other.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Just before I broke down this part of the set and moved the car for the 1,000th time. As the daughter pointed out, the car is actually also a character in the film.

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