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23 March 2015

How I spent the first day of spring

Orange County, California
21 March 2015

Because I am always driving. Just not usually with a video camera attached to the outside of my car.

(Though I have taken to driving with a dash cam.)

The daughter's first night shoot didn't produce the quality that anyone wanted so we spent Saturday filming transitional video (like this) and reshooting the night scenes. Getting permits to do anything has proved so difficult that we resorted to things like this that didn't require permits (mostly). See also filming on private property (thank you to the owner for that).

I am looking forward to a long vacation at some point very soon.

Tech stuff: Taken with my GoPro Hero. This is a screen grab from several miles (or minutes, if you prefer) of video I shot from the exterior of my car. While I had the GoPro mounted outside, the daughter was in the back seat, filming with a Canon 60D. It was quite the process. Nothing compared to what went on later in the evening, of course. I've gone back and filled in some of the details on that.

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