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03 February 2015

Weird rainbows

Orange County, California
29 January 2015

I was sitting in the car this afternoon in one of my numerous parking places, waiting for the daughter to emerge. Suddenly, my phone rang, and it was, of course, the daughter. I could tell from her tone of voice what it was that she wanted to tell me, despite her hemming and hawing and beating around the bush.

I wasn't feeling especially patient, so said, "Good, you got in."

And she confirmed, with glee, that she'd been accepted to a second film school.

Thus far, the score, if you're keeping up, is acceptance to one science school and two of the top 10 film schools in the country. She's still waiting to hear from 4 schools. One we know will not accept her--snowballs in hell and all that--but she stands a good chance with the other 3.

This should explain 4 years of posting photos from my parking place(s). This is why I do it. My kid wants to be the next Kathryn Bigelow/Christopher Nolan/Gore Verbinski/Fill In Your Favorite Director, Female or Male.

She doesn't need a pot of gold. She's doing what she wants to do.

No parent can ask for more.

Tech stuff: Taken with my iPhone6. Blogger is misbehaving, so I had to email the photo to the blog in order to get it to post. Naturally, this degrades the photo. But that rainbow was wickedly odd.

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